How To Make a Million Dollars With Penny Stock Trading

Make a Million Dollars With Penny Stock Trading

Ok, …so I over exaggerated. Your chances of making a million dollars trading penny stocks aren't really that good. Sure they are way better than playing the lottery, but chances are it just won't happen. By trading penny stocks you can make a boatload of extra money but "getting rich" won't happen unless we experience another stock market bubble like in the 90's.

So why even bother trading penny stocks at all? EASY. You don't need a million dollars to completely change your life. The vast Vast VAST majority of Americans don't need anywhere near 1,000,000 dollars to completely change their lives forever. According to a study done by 2 Princeton University researchers in 2010 the happiness tipping point is around $75,000 a year & any income over amount failed to make the majority of people that much happier in their day to day lives.

Increased daily happiness after the $75,000 dollar mark was entirely based on the status of responder's health, relationships, and feelings of fulfillment. Further increased wealth after $75,000 barely increased daily happiness at all.


And if you know any wealthy people personally (we know plenty) this fact shouldn't surprise you.

Money Does Buy Happiness... Just Not over $75,000

A few extra thousands dollars a month can buy you happiness and penny stock trading done right will make you just as happy in your day to day life as a true blue millionaire. So how do you start making thousands of dollars per month by trading penny stocks the right way?

You start by learning what stocks to buy. Sure opening a brokerage account is important, but learning how to pick winners more often than losers is the only skill you need to master to make big money with penny stocks. And to pick the best penny stocks to buy you need the best information.

If you're serious about making thousands of dollars trading penny stocks, start by signing up for all of the penny stock newsletters you can find. Especially the high performing penny stock newsletter at

Once you learn how to leverage penny stock newsletters, & other information sources to your advantage the process of penny stock trading will start to feel like owning your personal money tree. Sign up all the newsletters you can find and watch their picks. Figure out which newsletters produce the best winners & learn how to trade their recommendations.

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